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Feb 12, 2012

Wingfoot Finish Athletes Tackle the Skirt Chaser 5K

Wingfoot Finish athletes took to the course on February 11, 2012 for the aptly named Skirt Chaser race as the ladies get a 3 minute head start on the guys. Diane Melendez and Jenniffer Patenge had the advantage on Ryan Sisk, Steve Sisk, and Mike Melendez.

Ryan overcame the deficit on all but 34 participants and crossed the finish line in 35th place. Ryan smashed his goal of under 19:20 by running an 18:54.

“I was pretty sick the day before,” Ryan admitted after the race, “I wasn’t sure that I would even run.”

His time was the 17th fastest time of the day. Ryan was in the tough age group of 17 and under, it was a close race but he was able to triumph as he topped his division by a mere 3 seconds ahead of his closest pursuer.

Mike almost achieved his goal of under 25 minutes by running 25:55. He almost caught Diane, who ran a 27:31.

“I just couldn’t find my rhythm.” said Mike Melendez after the race, “People were five-wide across the road and on both sides of the cones. It was chaos.”

Michelle Resendez said, “There were so many people to pass, they definitely ran more than a 5K.”

Steve Sisk reached his goal of under 22 minutes as well, running a 21:55.

Jenniffer ran a good race at 23:39 but could not be found after the race for comment.